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Hey everyone, I think I know what happened to James Norrington's sword by the end of AWE. I've always wondered what happened, and today as I was watching, I happened to pay more attention to the crossed swords on the beach there. One of them is obviously Elizabeth's plain sword she brought with her to the Flying Dutchman and which she lost fighting Davy Jones. Yet the other one, has a blade through the middle of a handle, with a slight chain hanging off of it. Is this in fact the Sword of Norrington, it's final resting place crossed with that of it's love? Please help me confirm this.Cotton'sparrot92 05:15, 12 May 2008 (UTC)Cotton'sparrot92-Cotton'sparrot92.

No its not. The sword on the beach has a notiably wider blade was slighly curved and was quite dark in color, and there was definately no tassel haning off it. Norringtons sword was a rapier and had a thin, straight, highly polished blade, with a gold hilt with a ceromonial tassel atached to it. If you ask me the sword Will has after the battle was Jones's old one, but I couldnt say for sure but it's definately not norringtons and its not will's old one as it was stuck in Jones when he fell. - KAJ Talk 12:16, 12 May 2008 (UTC)