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"Hold your fire! There's a woman with him in the vault!"
"Never mind about that trollop!"
"Sir, I believe that's your wife...
―A Royal marine, Mayor Dix and Krill on Frances.[src]

Frances was the wife of Mayor Dix on the island of Saint Martin.


Not much is known about Frances' early life. At some point of her life, she married a man Dix, who became Mayor of the town of Saint Martin.[2]

Frances in the vault.

In 1751, the day of the opening of the Royal Bank of Saint Martin, when Frances' husband ordered to open the vault of the bank, he discovered the infamous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow sleeping there. Much to his dismay, Frances later emerged from the vault as well. When Frances realized that she was inside the vault along with Sparrow, she got surprised and ran to her husband's arms while Sparrow proceeded to escape from Dix's redcoats with the entire bank.[3]

Later, after both Sparrow and the "witch" Carina Smyth were taken into custody and sentenced to be hanged, Frances sat awkwardly beside Dix at Sparrow's hanging. However, the pirate was fortunately saved by his crew.[3] Her further fate is unknown.

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