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"Are you asure that thes were the ships of the French fleet?"
"Absolutely, sir. French flags were the first thing I noticed.
Robert Silehard and Nathaniel Hawk[src]

The French Royal Navy (officially la Marine Royale - Royal Navy) was the maritime arm of the French military.


"Port Oxbay was a typical Caribbean English colony. Bustling, prosperous and peaceful. Until a squadron appeared like ghosts from the fog. A squadron under French colors."

During the seventeenth century, the French Royal Navy became a consistent instrument of the Kingdom of France. In 1630 the French Navy occupied the English colony of Oxbay in the Caribbean. However, the French were later forced to withdraw.

Under the tutelage of king Louis XIV, the French Navy was well financed and equipped, managing to score several early victories in the Nine Years War against the English Royal Navy and the Dutch Navy. In 1689, during the War of the League of Augsberg, combined forces of the French Navy and buccaneers from Tortuga, under the command of French Admiral Baron Jean de Pointis, managed to capture Cartagena, the richest Spanish city in the Spanish Main.

During the era of Jack Sparrow, the French Royal Navy continued to score various successes although the British Royal Navy, under commanders such as Admiral Bratton and Commodore James Norrington, remained the main naval power on the Seven Seas.

Battle between French and Spanish privateer ships

During the endless war between the Spanish colony of Isla De La Avaracia and French colony of Ille D'Etable De Porc, French Navy has lost many of it's ships. They were sunked by Spanish forces but later raised from sea floor by the undead pirate captain Jolly Roger. Now, they are part of French Ghost fleet in Roger's service.

Notable ships[]

The French fleet attacks Oxbay

Behind the scenes[]

"Attack authorizations? I thought pirate activity was at an ebb."
"They're lying low for the moment. But the Brethren will gather soon enough, and then one final strike..."
"A Portuguese merchant vessel? This one is for ships of the French Royal Navy! You intend to use the
Flying Dutchman to wage war on other nations?"
Weatherby Swann and Cutler Beckett[src] (original screenplay)
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