"The islands will be mine!"
―Garcia de la Avaricia to an unknown pirate[src]

Garcia de la Avaricia was the Spanish privateer captain who sailed in the Caribbean Sea in the 1740s.


At some point in the 1740s, Garcia arrived in the Caribbean, and he proclaimed himself Lord of Isla De La Avaricia. From that island, he planned to take over the whole eastern Caribbean. Soon, he learned that his old enemy, the French captain Pierre le Porc, had similar plans.

Quickly, Gracia started recruiting pirates to defend his island, promising them untold riches. Many of them agreed to fight for him, and he provided them with Letters of Marque, to show them that they are legitimate privateers fighting for Spain. However, it is unknown if his Letters were actually signed and sealed by the King of Spain, and thus valid, or not.

Garcia's privateers fought many battles against their French enemies, and many ships and lives were lost in that war. Later, the undead pirate captain Jolly Roger used his Voodoo powers to raise the fallen Spanish and French privateers to increase his undead army.

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