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Gerard J. Reyes is an American actor. He portrayed Tearlach in The Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest. He also portrayed Pusasn in At World's End.


Pirates of the Caribbean[]

The Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest[]

When auditions for pirate extras went out, the casting service specified they were only looking for skinny, long-haired pirates. Undetered, Gerard talked his way into an audition using his extensive pirate-reenactment background as leverage. He auditioned for director Gore Verbinski and received a callback one week later. The following day, he was informed he was the newest member of Jack Sparrow's crew.

At World's End[]

Gerard Reyes as Pusasn (holding the book).

In 2006, the same casting service put out a call for an actor who could serve as a photo double for Iranian-born actor/comedian Omid Djalili. At first, Gerard was reluctant to answer the call since Gore Verbinski did not like using the same actor for different roles in his movies. At the urging of his friends, he submitted his photo and to his surprise, he received a telephone call within the hour asking him to come down for a fitting. He was one of a dozen actors to try for the part and he once again beat the odds when final approval was given by Penny Rose, the Academy-Award winning costume designer for the films. He is seen below holding the book and taking notes.

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