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"Innocent? Who are you going to believe? These locals, who got the father's story while he was drunk as a skunk - or I, who give you proof you can hold in your hands?"
"I haven't decided yet. But I'll investigate your story - and you may rest assured that the guilty parties in this matter will be punished.
―Gilbert and Nathaniel Hawk on Father Jerald's case[src]

Gilbert Ballester was the assistant to Greenford head priest Father Jerald in the South Caribbean archipelago in the 1630s.

He accused Father Jerald of having written love letters to the tavern waitress Nadine Jansen. The allegation reached Father Bernard in Redmond, whom the English captain Nathaniel Hawk offered to help regarding the case. Nathaniel discovered that Gilbert was the culprit - he hired the town resident Yedam Kinne to forge the letters and Nadine to lie about the affair. Nathaniel suspected that Gilbert intended to usurp his superior's position.

Subsequently, Gilbert was presumably removed from his church.