Gilligan was the helmsman of the Unnamed Spanish galleon.


Gilligan informed his captain that their vessel was being pursued by piratesJack Sparrow and the crew of the Black Pearl. The captain ordered Mr. Gilligan to steer the ship directly into a brewing storm, reasoning that only a madman would follow.

Sparrow did just that, however, and though Gilligan ensured the galleon braved the worst of the storm, the pirate boarded their vessel and forced the captain to surrender. The vessel's treasures were taken by the pirates.

Character and traitsEdit

Gilligan had black hair tied into a short ponytail, and a scruffy beard lining his jaw. During the chase through the hurricane, Gilligan wore a simple blue shirt and red waistcoat, with blue pants and a purple neckerchief. He appeared to be an able pilot, as he succeeded in piloting the galleon through the hurricane with little damage.


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