"We're performing a very important duty. Guarding the Black Pearl. Not just us, really, in the harbor there that's the Goliath. No one gets in or out of this harbor without facing her eighteen guns. A nigh impossible proposition."
Mullroy and Murtogg[src]

The Goliath was a massive, four masted, ship of the line. With thirty-six guns, not including the deck guns, the Goliath was an even match for the Black Pearl. It's duty was to guard the captured Pearl from pirates, especially from Jack Sparrow. It could be found in Black Pearl Island. It was believed to be impossible to sink, until the Black Pearl itself sank it.


The Goliath was a ship used in several battles of the British Royal Navy. During the short period when the Navy captured the Pearl, the Goliath was used to guard the harbour in which it was incarcerated. This was done to prevent pirates from snatching the 'only real pirate threat of the Caribbean'. This event probably happened after James Norrington resigned from his commission. A large group of pirates, including Mary Lash, James Pidgley, etc. snuck into the harbour and an unnamed one passed a letter to Mullroy and Murtogg. As the Goliath turned away from the area, and as the latter two ere bickering between themselves, the pirates ran into the Pearl. As the Pearl set sail, a group of Navy soldiers surprised the pirates. They were subdued, and the commenced to move. Just then 4 light frigates of the Navy rushed into battle. These were crushed, and the Pearl took some damage, but yet again pairs of drawbridges with Cannon Towers places began to fire. The towers were ultimately destroyed, and the Pearl moved ahead.... only to face the Goliath. The ship was as fast as the Pearl and bore several cannons to attack. A long game of cat and mouse began in those Uncharted Waters. The Pearl had serious damage, but eventually managed to outrun and sink the Goliath.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The event involving the Goliath is known as the Black Pearl Boss Battle in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Players can play this event when they chose to.
  • The Goliath was initially a War Frigate, but changed to a ship of the line in 2009.


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