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The Caribbean (Mentioned only)

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Day of the Shadow (Mentioned only)

"Carolina—she is only fifteen—they were going to marry her off to the governor, a very cruel old man."
Diego de Leon to Jack Sparrow[src]

This man was a Spanish governor of Florida during the Quest for the Shadow Gold.


"El Cruel was their name for the governor she'd been betrothed."
Diego de Leon to Jack Sparrow[src]

The governor was a loyal official of Spain, governing over the Florida peninsula. He was known as a cruel man, and he eventually became known as El Cruel. When he became an old man, he wished to marry Carolina, a fifteen year old princess of the Spanish royal family.

Carolina didn't want to marry that man, and she escaped with the help of her stable boy, Diego de Leon. The governor quickly sent after them the Spanish Army, and they were both soon captured. However, Diego escaped from the fort of San Augustin, and asked the notorious pirate Captain Jack Sparrow to rescue the princess. The pirates attacked the Spanish galleon which carried Carolina and a cargo of gold, saving the princess from the Spanish and stealing the gold.

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