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Jack Sparrow in Grimes Pub.

Grimes Pub was a pub in the town of Saint Martin on the island of the same name during the early 1750s. It was owned by Grimes. Grimes Pub was unknowingly known for be the place in which Captain Jack Sparrow betrayed his compass, thus freeing the ghostly and accursed Capitán Armando Salazar and the Silent Mary's crew from their imprisonment at the Devil's Triangle.


In 1751, following the failed robbery of the Royal Bank of Saint Martin, the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow was abandoned by his crew and was left in the streets of Saint Martin. Feeling thirsty, after staining with mud, Sparrow went to Grimes Pub, where he demanded Grimes a drink. Grimes ordered him to show his silver, but as Sparrow was penniless, he traded the compass that was given to him by Captain Morgan following the battle off the Devil's Triangle for a bottle of rum. With the deal made, however, hundreds of miles away, the cursed Capitán Armando Salazar and his crew were released from the imprisonment at the Devil's Triangle as Sparrow betrayed his compass.[1]

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