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Guadeloupe was an island in the Caribbean Sea just south of St. Kitts and north of Martinique.


In 1622, French explorers colonized the island by erecting a small port surrounded by numerous plantations. Though it was one of the backwater French colonies, it still served a strategic purpose along with Martinique by guarding the Caribbean from their English ships and pirates. Though the island was French, the East India Trading Company still had a monopoly their in trading.

In November 1718, the infamous pirate Blackbeard attacked the island with his pirate squadron. The pirates captured one big merchant ship in the harbor, took her with them, and set the town ablaze by firing red-hot cannonballs into it.

When the merchant ship Wicked Wench, on her maiden voyage as an EITC ship, approached the Caribbean, the ship's commander, Captain Jack Sparrow, saw Guadeloupe in the distance through his spyglass.[1]

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