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"Filthy pirate."
―The Guard's last words, to Jack Sparrow[src]

This man was a member of the Royal Guard in service to King George II. He most notably participated in chasing Captain Jack Sparrow through the streets of London.


At some unknown point likely in his early life, this man became a Royal Guard in service to King George II. Around 1750, this guard was, along with the Captain of the Guard, the one who organised the capture of the notorious pirate captain Jack Sparrow and his first mate Joshamee Gibbs. While a carriage driver had agreed to transport Jack to safety, the guards payed him to deliver Jack and Gibbs to them. It was this guard who tossed some money to the driver after he delivered the pirates to them. Jack Sparrow would be taken into St. James's Palace's banquet room, where King George II would try to convince Jack to guide an expedition to the Fountain of Youth. This guard was present during the conversation between the King and Jack. When Jack suddenly made an attempt to escape, this guard chased him, but the pirate escaped nevertheless. With haste, the guards immediately ran to find Jack until the pirate escaped the palace. This guard was part of the cavalry unit that led a chase through the streets of London, where Jack jumped on top of a carriage and then onto another carriage, until he ended up driving a coal wagon.

Although the other Royal Guards lost Jack in the chase, this man confronted Jack, calling him a "filthy pirate". The guard was about to shoot him, but was shot in the stomach by Jack's father, Captain Teague.[1]

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