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"Singapore. That's what I heard. Drunk with a smile on his face. Sure as the tide, Jack Sparrow... will turn up in Singapore."
―Half-blind fisherman to Will Turner[src]

This man was a fisherman who operated on the island of Tortuga during the time of Lord Cutler Beckett's occupation of Port Royal. When Will Turner was seeking out Captain Jack Sparrow he encountered this man.

This fisherman was under the impression that Jack Sparrow had gone to Singapore, drunk with a smile on his face. He spoke of Jack Sparrow with a warm and friendly countenance, as if he admired or was amused by Sparrow. He also seemed certain that Sparrow was in Singapore, though this proved not to be the case.


This half-blind fisherman was a sailor stationed at a beach near Port Royal during the time of the East India Trading Company Armada's control of the Port. He had at some point heard that the notorious pirate Captain Jack Sparrow was in Singapore, 'drunk with a smile on his face'.

He relayed this information to Will Turner when he was searching for Jack. He owned a small longboat at this time.

Behind the scenes[]