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This article is about the executioner in Saint Martin. You may be looking for the executioner in Port Royal.

"Any last words, witch?"
―The Hangman to Carina Smyth[src]

This man served as the hangman and the executioner at Saint Martin in the 1750s.


Early life[]

Not much is known about this man, except that he was a hangman in Saint Martin in the 1750s.[1]

Execution of Carina Smyth[]

The hangman prepares to execute Carina.

In 1751, after being mistaken for a witch, prisoner Carina Smyth was sentenced to death by hanging. It was this man who was assigned to execute Smyth, at the same time as another executioner was to kill notorious pirate Captain Jack Sparrow by guillotine. During the executions, the hangman was greatly annoyed by Carina's argument with Sparrow.[1]

However, before the hangman could pull the lever to hang Carina, the whole event was interrupted by Jack Sparrow's old crew of the Dying Gull lead by former Royal Navy sailor Joshamee Gibbs. A few moments later, one brave pirate, Scrum, attempted to come to Carina's rescue, drop-kicking the hangman. The hangman was not in the least bit fazed, and Scrum ended up hurting himself more than his opponent. Carina gave an exasperated groan as she helped Scrum finally defeat the executioner by kicking him off the gallows.[1] His further fate is unknown.

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