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The Harkaway was a war frigate captained by the infamous undead pirate Captain Jolly Roger.

History Edit

The Harkaway was a 17th century built frigate, in look very similar to galleon, but much faster. It is unknown how Jolly Roger obtained her, though it is possible that the ship was commandeered by Jolly Roger from the French or the Spanish and turned into his flagship. The ship's crew was composed of Jolly Roger's victims turned into undead skeletons similar to Hector Barbossa's cursed crew.

War of Jolly RogerEdit


When the pirate escapes from the Rambleshack jail, the flagship appears and captured Bo Beck's ship the Grim Reaper, which was fleeing the island while Jolly Roger turned Bo Beck into a skeleton. As the player is thrown into the water, the Harkaway fired Firebrand rounds at the Reaper, knocking down the masts of the ship and then sinking the vessel.


When Jolly Roger's forces attack Port Royal, Tortuga or Padres Del Fuego, the Harkaway arrived first under a dark rolling cloud. The ghostly ship pulled up to the dock to let Jolly's crew attack. However, his minions appear to go over the side and walk their way to shore.

Abilities, design and appearanceEdit

Although the ship's sails are ragged and nonfunctional, the ship moves rather fast, similar to the Black Pearl when it was under the curse of Cortés. The ship has the ability to teleport to other places, emerging from supernatural fog. It is unknown if Jolly Roger uses his powers to teleport it or if its just the ships nature. The Harkaway can fire Firebrand broadside, it is assumable it also fires Fury and Thunderbolt cannonballs. Like all 17th century frigates, the Harkaway has a spritsail topmast at the end of the bowsprit, although some videos shows her without the bowsprit[1].

Behind the scenesEdit


The Harkaway near the Grim Reaper.

  • During the Invasion of Port Royal, Invasion of Tortuga and the Invasion of Padres Del Fuego, the Harkaway has been spotted outside the invaded island, and leaves if Jolly Roger is defeated.
  • In the fall of 2008, a Marceline Guild pirate named Sir Victor Mayhew told of a Harkaway ship coming soon. This was probably a hint of the Invasions, in which the flagship of Jolly Roger was to lead, while the undead troops storm down into the beaches of the attacked islands. The ship itself doesn't attack any targets, but instead waits for either a victory or loss of Jolly Roger, in which case it takes off and leaves the targeted island.


Sources and referencesEdit

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