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Hector Barbossa's Letters of Marque, signed by King George II.

"The Crown served me well. But now, by the Gods of sea and sky, make way for Tortuga!"
Hector Barbossa to his crew[src]

This Letter of Marque was an official document used by Hector Barbossa. This document would be used to pardon Barbossa for his prior crimes against the Crown and granted him a commission as a privateer in the employ of England, where he would eventually be part of King George II's court. This document required the signature of the King in order to be official.



Barbossa's Letter of Marque before he rips them.

Sometime after the War Against Piracy, Hector Barbossa joined the British Royal Navy as a privateer. Barbossa served King George II faithfully, but that was just part of his plan to get revenge on Blackbeard, a pirate who cost him his right leg and the Black Pearl. After Barbossa killed Blackbeard, he took his sword and his ship for himself. As he sailed for Tortuga, Barbossa triumphantly tore up his Letters of Marque as a sign for his return to piracy.[1]

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  • It is currently unknown how Barbossa was able to obtain these Letters.



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