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Hector Barbossa wearing his second hat.

"Barbossa thinks his hat outshines mine because of the ostrich feathers, but everyone knows that it just makes his head look like the ratty nest of a dead bird."
Jack Sparrow to Catastrophe Shane[src]

These three hats were worn separately by Hector Barbossa during his pirate career. The first two were big, round, dark hats, with the second hat having ostrich feathers, while the third one was an elegant bicorne.


The First Hat[]

Hector Barbossa's first hat was a hat which he wore during his time as captain of the Cobra. It was a huge, black hat, battered and ragged from long use. After the loss of the Cobra at the hands of the rogue pirates, Barbossa continued to wear this hat. He hadn't got another one for the next five years.[1]

The Second Hat[]

Jack Sparrow looking at Barbossa's hat.

"I quite like the hat!"
Grandmama to Hector Barbossa[src]

Shortly after Barbossa joined the crew of the Black Pearl under Captain Jack Sparrow, he obtained a new hat, similar to the previous one. The new hat was decorated with blue ostrich feathers as a show of vanity. Barbossa wore this hat during Jack's search for the Shadow Gold,[2] and during his mutiny against Jack. He continued to wear that hat during the ten years under the curse of the treasure of Cortés.[3] When Barbossa was killed, his hat, along with his body, ended up in Tia Dalma's shack. Jack Sparrow examined this hat while he and his crew visited the shack.[4] The hat was seen on top of Barbossa's head when he revealed himself to be alive, and during the voyage to Davy Jones' Locker and throughout the War Against Piracy.[5]

Lost and Return[]

Barbossa putting on his old black hat.

"Sir. I found this, belowdecks."
Cabin Boy to Hector Barbossa, regarding Barbossa's hat[src]

At some point after the war, the Black Pearl was attacked by the infamous pirate Blackbeard, during which time Barbossa would have lost many things: the Pearl, his right leg, even his favorite old black hat.[6] After the attack, Barbossa accepted a Royal Pardon and became a privateer, during which time Barbossa began to wear more elegant clothes, including a black and gold bicorne hat, which he would wear throughout the quest for the Fountain of Youth.[7]

After defeating Blackbeard, Barbossa returned to piracy as he climbed aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, where he abandoned his privateer garb and returned to his pirate regalia. However, Barbossa was hatless until the Cabin Boy found his old hat below deck. Reunited with his favorite hat, Barbossa immediately put it on as he had the Queen Anne's Revenge set sail for Tortuga and in his further adventures.[7]

The Third Hat[]

Barbossa wears his third pirate hat while steering the Silent Mary.

Following his return to piracy, with Blackbeard's ship and sword in his possession, Barbossa was literally unstoppable. He assembled a pirate fleet of ten ships, with the Queen Anne's Revenge serving as his flagship. Pillaging the wealthy trade ships and filling the holds of the Queen Anne's Revenge with treasures beyond most men's wildest dreams, Barbossa easily became the terror of the Seven Seas. As leader of the fleet, Barbossa dressed himself in the finest clothing the stolen money could buy, replacing his old pirate outfit with a new one. He also obtained a new hat, a black bicorne similar to the hat he wore during his time as a privateer in King George II's court. However, his new headgear was much more richly decorated with gold than the old one, in a way reflecting his new status.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

Barbossa's hat in Mark "Crash" McCreery's concept art for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


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