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"I bet you can take out at least one pirate with that pistol of yours. Or scare 'em off with your face! Ha! And away we go!"
Jack Sparrow to Hector Barbossa[src]

These pistols were weapons favored by Captain Hector Barbossa, Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea. With his flintlocks, Barbossa deals out death like a gentleman. He won his first elegantly engraved gun in a duel with a Spanish pirate, who lost both his pistol and his life. Decorative and deadly, it was a single barreled flintlock pistol most notably used during Barbossa's time as captain of the Black Pearl. Following the loss of the Pearl at the hands of Blackbeard Barbossa joined the British Royal Navy as a privateer where he would use another pistol as a naval officer in King's service. After his desertion from the Navy Barbossa became the leader of a pirate fleet with a new elegant pistol as his new sidearm.


Early Use[]

Its origin and early use is unknown, but it is know that this elegantly engraved gun belonged to a Spanish pirate. However, Hector Barbossa won the flintlock when the Spanish pirate challenged him to a duel, in which Barbossa's foolish opponent lost his pistol as well as his life.[1] Having defeated his opponent, Barbossa took the pistol as his own, dealing out death like a gentleman. Since then, Barbossa used this pistol wherever he went, and had it with him when he became the captain of the Cobra and later the First Mate of the Black Pearl. Even after leading the mutiny against Jack Sparrow, Barbossa still kept this pistol.

A Pirate's Weapon[]

Hector Barbossa holding his pistols.

"You're not dead."
"No. He shot me!
Koehler and Pintel[src]

For all those years when he was captain of the Black Pearl, Barbossa used this weapon. On Isla de Muerta he shot Pintel, one of his crewmen, to find out whether the curse was lifted or not. He used it in the battle that followed, until he was shot by Jack Sparrow, and killed. After its owner's death, the pistol remained in the cave, still on Barbossa's belt.

When he was resurrected, Barbossa continued to use this pistol. After escaping from Davy Jones' Locker, Barbossa drew both pistols on Jack Sparrow, leading to a tense standoff, but none of the pistols would fire due to wet gunpowder. During the Battle of Calypso's maelstrom, Barbossa killed at least one East India Trading Company soldier with this pistol; while informing Will Turner that he could kiss his new bride, Barbossa broke off as the soldier attempted to attack him, only for a cackling Barbossa to shoot him dead. After the battle, when the Pearl sailed to Tortuga, Barbossa kept the pistol, and was carrying it when he stole the Pearl from Sparrow a second time.

After becoming a privateer in King George II's court, Barbossa swapped his well-worn pirate's pistol for a new flintlock, which was considered to be the best design the admirality arsenal could supply.[2]

Design and usage[]

The decorative and deadly pistol was engraved with silver ornaments including a miniature skull. It was decorated with silver and gold around the barrel and handle. The barrel was longer than most pistols of this kind. In Barbossa's hands, this pistol was a good weapon, with which Barbossa kills his enemies like a gentleman.

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