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This pistol was a weapon favored by Captain Hector Barbossa. It was a single-barreled flintlock pistol that was most notably seen during his time as a privateer of King George II's court. When he returned to piracy , he was still seen with this pistol.


Early use[]

After becoming a privateer in King George II's court, Hector Barbossa swapped his old pistol with this new flintlock, which was considered to be the best design the admirality arsenal could supply. Throughout his employment as a privateer, Barbossa would favor this pistol.[1]

A Privateer's weapon[]

This pistol was seen mostly on Barbossa's belt, most notably during King George II's meeting with Jack Sparrow in St. James's Palace. The pistol would remain on his belt throughout the quest for the Fountain of Youth, during Barbossa's captaincy of the HMS Providence. When landing at Whitecap Bay, Barbossa used this pistol to threaten Theodore Groves, who questioned his orders, and Joshamee Gibbs, so that he got a heading.

Barbossa would keep the pistol on his belt for the remainder of the quest. Though he took the Sword of Triton as his own, after killing Blackbeard, Barbossa kept this pistol with him as he returned to piracy. Following Barbossa's death at Poseidon's Tomb at the end of the quest for the Trident of Poseidon, what happened to his privateer pistol is unknown.


Hector Barbossa's pistol

This pistol was clean and well-designed. It had a walnut body, with polished brass hardware. It was shaped like a standard flintlock pistol, and had a steel barrel and firing mechanism. Unlike Barbossa's first pistol, this pistol was shorter.

Behind the scenes[]



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