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"Your sword smells funny."
"Aye. Poison. From the innards of poisonous toads. Just a scratch, and you're a dead man in minutes."
"Would you mind pointing it another way? I don't like toads.
Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa[src]

This sword was a weapon favored by Hector Barbossa, a privateer of King George II's court. It was a mix of a rapier and a cutlass.


A Privateer's Weapon[]

After the attack on the Black Pearl, in which he lost his ship and right leg, Hector Barbossa accepted a Royal Pardon and became a privateer in the employ of King George II of Great Britain.[1] As an reformed pirate and officer of the British Royal Navy, Barbossa began to wear an elegant ceremonial sword. Barbossa would wear this sword throughout his time as captain of the HMS Providence, most notably during the voyage throughout the quest for the Fountain of Youth.[2]

A Poisonous Weapon[]

Barbossa holds his sword.

"I'm not such the fool to take on Blackbeard without a little...venomous advantage."
Hector Barbossa[src]

To have the advantage in his revenge on Blackbeard, his main reason for joining the British, Barbossa used poison dart frogs to make his sword more deadly. During the Battle for the Fountain of Youth, Barbossa and Blackbeard engaged in a duel. While Blackbeard was distracted by the appearance of the Spaniard, Barbossa cut the back of Blackbeard's hand with his sword, introducing the poison into Blackbeard's veins. While Blackbeard was stunned by the poison, Barbossa stabbed him in the stomach with the sword, mortally wounding Blackbeard. Barbossa then claimed the Sword of Triton for his own along with the Queen Anne's Revenge and abandoned his privateer sword along with the life of a privateer.

In a desperate attempt to save her father, Angelica pulled the sword out of his stomach and threw it aside, but was cut by it and fatally poisoned as well. This forced Captain Jack Sparrow to use the Fountain of Youth to save Angelica's life, finishing off Blackbeard in the process.[2]

Design and usage[]

This sword's blade was like that of a rapier, but the handle was like that of a cutlass. The crossguard was a golden color, and the pommel was shaped like a lion's head. Also, the grip had gold wiring around it, and the grip itself was leather. From the pommel going down to the crossguard, the grip thinned.[2]

The sword was forged and offered to Hector Barbossa upon becoming a privateer in King George II's court. It was a thrusting, hence dueling, sword that would be in prevalent use.[2]

Hector Barbossa's Privateer Sword.

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