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"Hello Beastie" is a musical score composed and conducted by Hans Zimmer for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. It appears as track eleven on the film's soundtrack at 10:15 in length.

The track begins with a sorrowful tune, in which a brief refrain of The Curse of the Black Pearl's love theme is heard (00:28), before growing darker with a backing choir (00:42). It builds into a mournful, heroic theme (03:47), before dropping into a soft rendition of the main Pirates theme (04:41). It builds into the full orchestra before segueing into a refrain of Lord Cutler Beckett's theme (05:27). This shifts into a mournful, cello version of Jack's theme from "The Medallion Calls" (06:25) and the Pirates theme (07:39). The score gains momentum (09:33) and ends the cue with a triumphant fanfare (10:00). The score then leads directly into the end credits ("He's a Pirate").

This track takes its name from Jack Sparrow's final line in Dead Man's Chest, and underscores the sequence prior to, during and following Sparrow's confrontation with the Kraken. It ends with a full orchestral rendition of "Jack Sparrow" as Hector Barbossa makes his entrance at the end of the film.