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The Henrietta was a British merchant ship that operated in the Caribbean during the 1720s. In 1728, the ship was docked at Port Royal in Jamaica when its crew noticed a pirate captain, Jack Sparrow, disembarking from a sinking ship and entering town. The next year, the Henrietta was still docked in Port Royal when Lord Cutler Beckett of the East India Trading Company and his men arrived aboard the HMS Endeavour and assuming control of the town.


A mysterious stranger[]

It is unknown where or when the Henrietta was built. Around the late 1720s, the ship was operating out of Port Royal, the capital of the British colony of Jamaica. One day in 1729, the crew was loading cargo, including a goat, aboard the vessel from a smaller longboat whilst docked outside Port Royal harbor. However, they were soon distracted, first by a small barrel floating past, and then when they spotted its source: famed and notorious pirate Captain Jack Sparrow was entering Port Royal aboard a sinking ship, the Jolly Mon, which he'd recently stolen. The crew of the Henrietta watched with confusion as he simply stepped off the mast of the sinking pirate ship.[1]

Behind the scenes[]


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