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Hector Barbossa, as portrayed by Geoffrey Rush, says the line "Here there be monsters" to Jack Sparrow in The Curse of the Black Pearl.

"You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters!"
Hector Barbossa to Jack Sparrow[src]

Here there be monsters, or here be dragons, is a phrase used on geographical maps. It derived from the inscriptions on old maps of the mostly unexplored world, were on the edges, the mapmaker, having run out of information, would draw fanciful creatures (such as sea serpents) and write, Here There Be Monsters. It was most notably said by Hector Barbossa to Jack Sparrow as their sword blades locked during the battle of Isla de Muerta.[1]

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"Here There Be Monsters" written in the map of Isla Tesoro.



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