This article is about the soundtrack cue "Hoist the Colours". You may be looking for the pirate song or the term.

"Hoist the Colours" is a musical theme composed and conducted by Hans Zimmer for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. It appears as track one on the film's soundtrack, at 1:31 in length.

The track begins with snare drums and a lonely chime, followed by a boy singing a pirate shanty. A rabble of pirates continue the song, and the track ends with snare drums and a chain rattle.

The song is sung by those condemned to death by the East India Trading Company in the film's opening scene, and a refrain is later sung by Elizabeth Swann in Singapore. The cue returns in various forms—usually as an orchestral underscore—throughout the film, most notably as the Pirate Lords assemble and literally "hoist the colours".

Behind the scenesEdit

  • There is some controversy over the name of the term, in which "colours" and "colors" were used. In the At World's End soundtrack, "colours" is used, while the song and the term itself has "colors".
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