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"First, Pirates who choose to embark from this scrap of an island will be thrown into a battle... whether they be wantin' to or not."
Bart Ropeskull to an unknown pirate[src]

Ile d'Etable de Porc was an island in the backwaters of the Caribbean. It was the largest French privateer base during the War of Jolly Roger.


Located just south of Isla Cangrejos, the island was a wild place before the French captain Pierre le Porc settled on it. Le Porc chose the island as his personal naval base. His men built a house for him, and a tavern which atracted many pirates on the island.

Le Porc planned to rule the eastern Caribbean from Ile d'Etable de Porc, but he soon discovered that his enemy, the Spanish captain Garcia de la Avaricia, had similar plans. Le Porc then started recruiting passing pirates as privateers, promising them untold riches if they decide to fight for France. Thus, the war of Garcia and Pierre began.



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