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"Let's cross Padres beneath our burning feet, eh? Forward! ATTACK! HA HA HA HA HA!"
Jolly Roger to his undead army[src]

The Invasion of Padres Del Fuego was the third of Jolly Roger's Conquests.

Invasion Edit

"Jolly Roger is attacking Padres Del Fuego, and all good Pirates need to answer this call....Help! Only you can stop him. Steady your hand and ready your steel for the Undead Armies are now owerwhelming the beaches of Padres. Rumor has it that Jolly's on the hunt sor something that will give him the adge in his battle against our hearty Pirate population. He'll scour the island an turn every stone, unearth every buried chest and destroy anything in his way to find what he's after.

Some say he's searching for powerful potions that will help him curse the whole of the Caribbean. Others say it's a mythical treasure trove of weapons. But not just any weapons, the very ones left behind by ill-fated Spanish Conquistadores many moons ago. Jolly Roger has his sights fixed on Padres and will not give up until he finds what he wants - and we must stop him! Regardless of what Jolly Roger is after, all good Pirates must join the fray and beat his army back. If not, Jolly's army will surely trample Padres to dust beneath their bony feet."

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