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"Let's take Tortuga ye dogs!... And do not let Jack Sparrow get away, savvy? Go, go, GO!!!"
―Jolly Roger to his undead army[src]

The Invasion of Tortuga was the second of Jolly Roger's Conquests.


"Jolly Roger has begun his assualt on the Pirate stronghold of Tortuga. Like his attacks on Port Royal to destroy the Governor's Mansion, Jolly only invades when he is after something specific. In this case, it's Jack Sparrow. Why? The answer is simple. It was Jack's trickery that caused Jolly to be cursed in the first place! Jack's been laying low and conspiring with other Pirates - helping them beef up their confidence and grenade skills. With cunning and double-dealing, Jack had hoped to weaken Jolly Roger's army. But that is not to be. Jolly only grew stronger. Now Jack must evade not only the British Royal Navy and the East India Trading Company, but Jolly as well, who won't rest until he gets his revenge.

But there's another reason Jolly wants Jack in his bony grasp. He assumes that once Jack is defeated, the Pirates will abandon the islands for safer waters."

Behind the scenes Edit

In Pirates of the Caribbean Online this battle is known only as Invasion.

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