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The City of the Dead on Isla Esquelética

"Yer not talking about Stone-Eyed Sam and Isla Esquelética? Legend says Sam 'e had the Sword of Cortés, and 'e cursed the whole island. Aye, I agree with only one part of that story—that it's legend."
―Sailor to Handsome Todd[src]

Isla Esquelética was an island in the Caribbean Sea that figured into nautical legends, believed to be the lost kingdom of Stone-Eyed Sam.


"I told ye I thought Stone-Eyed Sam's Isla Esquelética was probably one of the smaller Leeward Islands."
Arabella Smith to Jack Sparrow[src]

The island itself was roughly a few miles across, and contained a small jungle with at least one fresh-water spring as well as a volcano. A city was located in a valley close to this spring. Legends said that it was a city of stone and marble, like how the Romans built. Stone-Eyed Sam brought the Sword of Cortés there, and cursed the entire island, turning the civilization into a City of the Dead. Jack Sparrow and the crew of the Barnacle happened upon Isla Esquelética while braving one of Captain Torrents' storms, and uncovered the lost kingdom. While inspecting Sam's palace, they found his treasure.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Isla Esquelética's is the Spanish term for "Skeletal Island" or "Skeletical Island".