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Isla Tesoro was an island located in the Caribbean originally under the administration of Magistrate Carlos. Isla Tesoro was a Spanish port as evidenced by the place names, Spanish-style armor and villagers speaking Spanish or speaking in Spanish accents.


In the 18th century, Isla Tesoro was under the administration of Magistrate Carlos. The main port was Puerto Dorado, where it is presumed many of the inhabitants of Isla Tesoro lived. Puerto Dorado was at some point assaulted by a large group of pirates of the Wicked Wench who were responsible for numerous acts of violence and destruction; including taking groups of women hostage and selling them as "brides", torturing the magistrate, assaulting the villagers and setting the town itself ablaze.[1]


Dead Man's Cove[]

Main article: Dead Man's Cove

Dead Man's Cove was a cavern located within Isla Tesoro. It was known for the cursed treasure that lied within this mysterious grotto. The skeletons of pirates who found this treasure could be seen in the caves.[1]

Puerto Dorado[]

Main article: Puerto Dorado

Puerto Dorado was a Spanish seaport town and the main port in Isla Tesoro. Most of Isla Tesoro's inhabitants resided in this town around the time a large group of pirates committed numerous acts of violence and destruction.[1]

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