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"Can't say about Jack Sparrow, but there's an island just south of the straits where I trade spice for mmmmm delicious long pork. Cannot say about Jack, but you'll find a ship there. A ship with black sails."
Shrimper to Will Turner[src]

Isla de Pelegostos, also known as Cannibal Island, Pelegosto Island or simply Pelegosto, was a remote island that was home to a cannibalistic tribe known as the Pelegostos. The island was located far from all normal shipping routes and was missing from most ocean charts.


Isla de Pelegostos bridge

The landscapes of Pelegosto

Pelegosto was dominated by a tropical rainforest that spanned much of the land mass. The remainder was taken up by deep ravines, mountain ranges, and beaches. The native Pelegosto tribe used body paint and fearsome masks to blend in to the jungle environment in order to catch prey or the few unwanted visitors the island received.[citation needed]

The tribe built their village high up on one of the flat tops of a mountain peak, and was connected by rope bridges strung over the ravines. The village huts were woven from plant fibers, and despite their fragile appearance, provided shelter from fierce tropical storms. Prisoners were known to be held in cages made from the bones of those the Pelegostos deemed unworthy to keep alive, and hung from the deep ravines.[citation needed]


"And then they made me their chief—"
Jack Sparrow[src]
Jack escaping Pall

Jack Sparrow flees the Pelegostos tribe.

It was believed that Captain Jack Sparrow first happened upon Pelegosto in the years prior to his arrival in Port Royal prior to the kidnap of Elizabeth Swann. While there, he picked up the native language, and the Pelegostos made him their chief. He managed to escape the island, but, following his escape from a Turkish prison, Sparrow and the crew of the Black Pearl attempted to hide from the Kraken on Pelegosto, but again fell afoul of the natives. The Pelegostos were convinced Jack was a god in human form, though unfortunately for Jack, the Pelegostos believed that, as a deity, he was trapped inside his fleshy body—and the highest honor they could bestow upon him was to ceremonially kill and eat him to release his spirit. Jack and the surviving members of his crew managed to escape the cannibals after Will Turner arrived on the island in a rescue attempt.[2]

The East India Trading Company and Pelegosto[]


The EITC had reached even Pelegosto.

While fleeing the Pelegostos, Captain Sparrow noticed that even on this extremely remote island, the East India Trading Company had extended its corporate tendrils. The natives had been trading for silverware, china, and spices marked with the EITC logo. Jack recognized this as a bad sign for piracy. As more and more of the globe came under the EITC's control, there would be fewer free ports open to pirates or even free traders.

It was known that some sailors, merchants and shrimpers traded spices and other supplies from the civilized world for "long pork"—a euphemism for human meat. It was possible that such men steered unwary travelers towards the island in order to keep up the flow of trade. Those who knew of this appeared to resist setting foot on the island itself, and would not escort travelers further than the coast.

Behind the scenes[]


Isla de Pelegostos Concept Art

  • The island first appeared in the 2006 film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest,[2] filmed on the island of Dominica, on an aerie called High Meadow (south of the Dominican capital of Rosseau) and the nearby Twin Peaks.[3] Though unnamed in the final cut of Dead Man's Chest, "Cannibal Island" was named in Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio's screenplay,[5] used in various behind-the-scenes material for the film,[6] written in the reference books Pirates of the Caribbean: The Visual Guide and The Complete Visual Guide,[7][1] as well as being used in the official website[4] and the video game Master of the Seas.[8] "Isla de Pelegostos" became the more notable name, having first appeared in the "Cannibal Chief" Zizzle action figure,[9] later used in the PlayStation 2 and Windows PC versions of the At World's End video game as well as the 2010 version of the official website.[4] In several versions of the official POTC website, the island was named either "Pelegosto Island" or "Pelegosto".[citation needed]
  • The island is extremely undeveloped and the filming company had to build their own roads out to the filming sites. The waterfall area that the bone cage falls into is Ti Tou Gorge, and the only way in is by swimming.[10]
  • Although the island's name appears to be Spanish, it should be noted that in Portuguese, pele means "skin" and gosto means "taste".


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