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"For too long the Governor has treated the people of this island as if he owned them—like he might own a banana, or a hat! He has filled his jails with the innocent—and filled his treasury with your gold! The time has come to fight back!'"
Jack Sparrow[src]

The Isle of Lusee was an island in the Caribbean Sea. It was the site of a revolution led by Captain Jack Sparrow during the Age of Piracy.


The island contained a small harbor, and fort from which the Governor of Lusee ruled his people, though according to Jack Sparrow, he did not treat his citizens fairly. The fort's prisons were filled with innocents, and the Governor had the island's inhabitants' valuable possessions locked in his treasury in the lower levels.

Jack incited the people against the Governor, leading a siege on the fort that led to the capture of the Governor and the release of his prisoners. For his part, Jack was given the largest share of the recovered gold—the treasure had been his goal all along, though it was William Turner who gave him the idea of allowing the revolutionaries to simply give him their gold, rather than having to steal it himself.