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Edward Teague (brother)[3]
Jack Sparrow (nephew)

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Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Dead Men Tell No Tales


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"Uncle Jack?"
"Jackie boy! How's it going?"
"Can't complain, really. You?"
"I've been waiting all morning here for a beating. But the service is terrible.
Jack Sparrow and Jack[src]

Jack was a pirate in the Caribbean around the 1750s. He was the uncle of the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow. He was imprisoned at the island of Saint Martin in 1751.


"Did I ever tell you about the skeleton?"
"Yes, you have. Many times."
"Skeleton goes into a bar, orders a beer, and a mop."
"Funny as ever.
―Jack and Jack Sparrow[src]

A member of the infamous family of outlaws, Jack was a brother of Captain Edward Teague, the Keeper of the Pirate Code.[4] One day Edward became a father, and his baby boy was named after his uncle, Jack.[5] Most of Jack's life is shrouded in mystery, but it is known that he spent at least some time with his young nephew, often telling him a joke about the skeleton in a bar and calling him Jackie like his father did.[4]

Many years later, when Jack was considered long-lost by his nephew,[6] in unknown circumstances Jack was arrested by the British authorities in Saint Martin and sentenced to beating. While he was singing Maggie Mae and playing poker with two other prisoners in his cell, philosophically awaiting his punishment, his nephew, now a grown up infamous pirate known as Jack Sparrow, overheard him as he was dragged by the British soldiers through the corridor and mistook him for his father, only for Jack to turn around. Recognizing each other, Sparrow and Jack had a brief conversation about Captain Salazar's vengeance on pirates, with the older pirate warning his nephew to stay on dry land as the oceans have turned to blood.[4]

Jack and his nephew reunite.

When Sparrow replied that the land wasn't safe either because he was just about to be executed, Jack admitted that his nephew had a point and told him an old joke about the skeleton in a bar. As one prisoner in a neighboring cell laughed, Sparrow replied that the joke was funny as ever before the soldiers dragged him away for execution. Jack yelled after him that he should ask for Victor, in case his executioners decide to disembowel him because Victor supposedly had the softest hands. He also told Sparrow to mention his name so the executioners wouldn't cut off his feet.[4] His further fate is unknown.

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