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"Is that your tooth?"
"Aye. I broke it, swallowed it, passed it, sifted it, retrieved it, polished it—fashion.
Edward Teague and Jack Sparrow[src] (screenplay draft)

This unique trinket belonged to Jack Sparrow. After his piece of eight was destroyed after the Fourth Brethren Court, Jack made a new trinket, known to be made of finger bones. One with a Chinese luck coin tied to some copper wire, the other with a barrel bead around it, a red bead, and one of his gold teeth.


Finding a new trinket[]

A pirate gives Jack his trinket as a tribute.

After the meeting of the Fourth Brethren Court, Jack Sparrow's piece of eight was burned to a crisp during the incantation to release Calypso.[2] After the War Against Piracy, Jack replaced his piece of eight with a new trinket which was possibly made from two things Jack has fought and lived through, the Kraken (an engraved tooth) and the East India Trading Company (the pirate "P" brand).[3] Having found some beads on adventures, all telling a story, Jack later made a new trinket.[4]

Quest for the Fountain of Youth[]

Jack wearing his trinket.

As of the quest for the Fountain of Youth, Jack Sparrow's trinket would be made out of finger bones with a Chinese luck coin tied to some copper wire around one, and a barrel bead around the other, a red bead, and one of Jack's gold teeth. How his tooth ended up on it, as Jack told his father Edward Teague, he broke and swallowed it and later retreived it and polished it into his new trinket.[5] Jack would also have tied the trinket to where it wouldn't be cut off, like his piece of eight did.

Though he wore his hat over it, Jack would wear the trinket in his further adventures. It was most notably seen during the quest for the Fountain of Youth, where Jack's trinket would be most exposed, as he lost his hat in this adventure.

Jack's bone trinket

Behind the scenes[]

  • The name of this trinket is unknown, many fans referred it as the "Zombie finger" trinket.[6] This is most likely because the trinket first appears in On Stranger Tides, the first film to include zombies.
  • While it wasn't revealed in the final cut of On Stranger Tides, the film's script and a behind the scenes video showed a conversation between Jack Sparrow and Captain Teague, in which Jack revealed one of his teeth was used into his new trinket.[5][7] Though it is unknown if it remains canon, Johnny Depp had stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that one of Jack's gold teeth was used for this trinket.[8]



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