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Jack Sparrow's piece of eight

Around the First Brethren Court[1]


Moroccan beads
Ancient coin


Jack Sparrow
Hector Barbossa


Brethren Court
Jack Sparrow

First appearance

The Curse of the Black Pearl

Last appearance

At World's End


Burned with the other Nine Pieces of Eight

"Jack Sparrow holds one of the nine pieces of eight."
Hector Barbossa to Sao Feng[src]

This unique trinket was one of the nine pieces of eight, mostly known to be in possession of Captain Jack Sparrow. It was made out of a small, ancient Siamese coin woven into Moroccan beads.


Early use[]

According to pirate lore, Jack Sparrow acquired the Moroccan beads from a French lady of questionable reputation. And the coin was an ancient coin from Siam; one of the first two bits he ever pirated. Jack bought his hat with the second bit.[2]

Jack's trinket[]

Jack with his Piece of Eight

While Jack kept the piece of eight for himself, he bought his hat with the other coin. This piece of eight was in Jack's possession wherever he went, as the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean, draping over his forehead.

When Jack became the Pirate Lord, the infamous pirate captain Jolly Roger attempted to win Jack's piece of eight in a poker match. However, the game turned in Sparrow's favor, and Roger pulled twin pistols and aimed them at Jack and his own partner in crime, the voodoo witch doctor Amo Dorsi. Jack threw the table up, tossing cards and gold everywhere. Jolly shot Dorsi but Jack disappeared in the confusion. With his dying breath, Dorsi cursed Jolly Roger to walk the earth as the undead, transforming him into a skeletal beast![3]

Jack wore the piece of eight during his quest for the Shadow Gold[4], his adventures in getting the Black Pearl back in his possession[5], in his search for the Dead Man's Chest, and throughout of the War Against Piracy.[6]


Hector Barbossa cuts Jack's piece of eight off.

During the meeting of the Fourth Brethren Court, it was preferred by Hector Barbossa that every Pirate Lord had to present their piece of eight. When called upon about his own piece of eight, Jack merely meddled with his for a moment and then let it stay on his forehead. Unlike the other Pirate Lords, Jack kept his piece of eight throughout the meeting. Later, during the parley in the sandbar, Barbossa sliced Jack's piece of eight and had his monkey retrieve it. The piece of eight finally burned to a crisp during the incantation to release Calypso from her human form.[7] After this, Jack would get a new trinket.[8]

Angelica's trinket[]

Some time after the War Against Piracy Jack's former love interest Angelica made a copy of Jack's original trinket, complete with the silver coin and everything else. She used the trinket as part of her disguise to impersonate Jack and recruit a crew among the sailors in London. Her deception worked well and she successfully assembled a crew to serve aboard her father's vessel, the Queen Anne's Revenge. However, after hearing the rumors about "Jack Sparrow recruiting a crew" Jack himself confronted Angelica in the Captain's Daughter pub. Following a duel which resulted in Jack discovering her true identity, Angelica removed the trinket, leaving it behind when the Royal Guard attacked them.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

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