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"One pistol. One shot."
"To kill myself before I starve?!"
"There's no trusting you, love. Besides, this is a well-traveled trade route. You can signal a passing ship. Or, you can just bite the proverbial bullet, as it were.
Jack Sparrow and Angelica[src]

This pistol was a Queen Anne pistol owned by Jack Sparrow, which he later gave to Angelica.


Quest for the Fountain of Youth[]

At some point during his quest for the Fountain of Youth, Jack Sparrow obtained this pistol through unknown means. He would carry the pistol, along with his other pistol, on his belt. After the death of Blackbeard, Jack marooned Angelica on a small island, where she was given this pistol with one shot. As Jack rowed away on a longboat, Angelica used her one shot from the pistol to fire at Jack, but missed.[1] The pistol's further fate is unknown.

Behind the scenes[]

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