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"You'll never guess who I encountered at Oporto a few months ago!"
"Who was that?"
Don Rafael and Edward Teague[src]

James Hook, sometimes referred to as James, was a pirate captain during the Age of Piracy. His real name was unknown, though he was generally known as James to other pirates. James was notorious for his bad temper, though was subdued over time. At some point in his life, James lost a hand and put an hook in its place, in which he became "James Hook". Of all the ships he sailed on, Hook was most notably the pirate captain of the Jolly Roger. Although he mysteriously disappeared for years, James' traits became known during Don Rafael's time as a Pirate Lord of the Brethren Court.


"Just before we parted company, James mentioned that he had come upon a man, half dead, floating in the sea. They pulled him out, and before he died, he told them a story similar to the ones I have heard here today. He said it happened off the coast of India. It seems these villains are everywhere."
Don Rafael to pirates assembled at Shipwreck Cove[src]

In his life, James was a well-known and feared pirate, especially to all members of the Brethren Court. He was a relatively close friend to Don Rafael, the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean.

At some point during the early 18th century, James disappeared from the Seven Seas without a trace. Many years later, when people thought he would have met the rope or be in prison, James reappeared long enough to embark on several voyages. By his return, James was described as not looking a day older. Among other changes during his mysterious absence, James lost one of his hands,[4] which he put an iron hook in its place.[5]

In the late 1720s, James made at least one voyage across the Indian Ocean, where he discovered a body of a half-dead sailor in the water. His men pulled him out, and before the sailor died, he told them that his ship was attacked and destroyed by a pirate ship flying the red flag of no quarter. Some time later, James sailed for Portugal, where he encountered Don Rafael at Oporto. While having dinner in a tavern, James told Rafael of his tale, in which Don Rafael would later repeated it to the pirate captains assembled at Shipwreck Cove. After their discussion, James sailed off on further ventures.[2]

It is unknown what ever happened to James.[6]

Personality and traits[]

"Did he brag as much as he used to?"
"No, and that was strange, too, James was a lot more...subdued. You remember his temper. He'd fly into such rages."
"I kept expecting his crew to slit his throat in his sleep and send him to Davy Jones. But they were all too frightened of him.
Mistress Ching, Don Rafael and Eduardo Villanueva[src]

James Hook was known as one of the most fearsome pirates during the Age of Piracy. Known for his temper, in which he'd fly into such rages, James was a good duelist. After one of his hands was cut off,[4] however, James' skills improved with an iron hook for a hand being as useful as a dagger in a fight. At some point before having dinner with Don Rafael in a tavern at Oporto, he developed a fear of children. Despite having a history of flying into rages because of his temper, James became more subdued.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"When I asked him later on how he was managing without the hand, he said that it wasn't so bad, the hook was as good as a dagger in a fight."
Don Rafael on James[src]

An early concept art of the Pirate Lords, showing a pirate similar to Captain Hook



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