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"This is a beautiful sword. I would expect the man who made it to show the same care and devotion in every aspect of his life."
James Norrington to Will Turner[src]

This ceremonial sword was a weapon most notably owned by James Norrington. Beautifully hand-forged by blacksmith apprentice Will Turner, the small sword was perfectly balanced, its blade folded steel with the tang nearly the full width of the blade, and gold filigree was decorated into the handle. Norrington treasured the sword throughout his career and used it in acts of bravery.

Forged by Will Turner in Port Royal, the august sword was a gift from Governor Weatherby Swann to celebrate Captain James Norrington's promotion to commodore. Governor Swann believed Turner's sodden mentor, Mr. John Brown, had crafted the ceremonial sword. Later, losing Elizabeth Swann's affections to Will Turner, Commodore Norrington accepted defeat nobly and acknowledged the sword's true craftsman, saying he expected him to show the "same care and devotion in every aspect of his life." After Norrington abandoned his duties and left the British Royal Navy, decommissioned and dishonorably discharged, the sword eventually became an emblem of Norrington's downfall and used as a decoration in Lord Cutler Beckett's office during the search for the Dead Man's Chest. However, after Norrington presented the still-beating heart of Davy Jones to Beckett, Norrington was immediately reinstated in the Navy, given the position of admiral, and had his sword returned.

Now working for the East India Trading Company during the War Against Piracy, Admiral James Norrington wore the ceremonial sword on his belt until he used it in a final act of bravery while helping prisoners Elizabeth and the crew of the Empress in an escape from the Flying Dutchman. Mortally wounded by William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner, James Norrington made a desperate lunge and ran his sword through Davy Jones, who calmly removed it from his body as Norrington died at his feet. Davy Jones took the sword as his own weapon and wore it through the rest of the war, notably in swordfighting duels with Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann aboard the Flying Dutchman. Later in the battle, Jones used Norrington's sword to stab Will Turner, returning the sword to its original maker and sealing both their fates.


Commodore Norrington[]

"Impressive. Very impressive. Commodore Norrington's going to be very pleased with this."
Weatherby Swann to Will Turner[src]
Norrington Sword

The ceremonial sword in its scabbard.

Beautifully hand-forged by Will Turner, the engraved ceremonial small sword was perfectly balanced, and gold filigree decorated into the handle.[6] As a blacksmith's apprentice, Turner created many a sword of such fine quality. Turner crafted the august sword[7] and delivered it himself to Governor Weatherby Swann's mansion on the day of Captain James Norrington's promotion as the newly appointed commander of the British Royal Navy fleet in Port Royal. Governor Swann admitted it was an impressive weapon, but did not realize Will himself had crafted the sword, asking instead for Turner to pass on his compliments to the boy's sodden mentor, Mr. John Brown.[1]

Norrington sword

Commodore Norrington pointing his new sword at Captain Jack Sparrow.

To mark his promotion as commodore, Norrington was given this new ceremonial sword by Governor Swann. Commodore Norrington wielded the sword during the promotion ceremony at Fort Charles, then wore it on his belt as he proposed to Elizabeth Swann and as the latter was saved by Captain Jack Sparrow. Norrington pointed his new ceremonial sword at Sparrow, who was then defenseless against the man standing before him. Despite Elizabeth's plea to not kill her rescuer, Norrington sheathed the sword and arrested the infamous pirate. The sword would remain sheathed throughout Sparrow's attempted escape, later that day the attack on Port Royal, as well as the following days with the rescue of Elizabeth and Jack at an island and the pursuit of the Black Pearl aboard the HMS Dauntless.[1]

Victory battle

Norrington holding his sword after killing Koehler.

Having survived the cannonfire of the Dauntless in a later assault off Isla de Muerta, Commodore Norrington's crew engaged the enemy on deck, swords and pistols drawn against Hector Barbossa's crew of cursed skeleton pirates. Norrington fought a skeletal Koehler with his ceremonial sword. At the very same moment that the curse was lifted, Norrington lunged, running his sword through a flesh-and-blood Koehler's chest. Shocked, Koehler looked down as he felt the wound and fell down, dead. Holding Twigg on the point of his sword, still stained with Koehler's blood, Commodore Norrington announced, "The ship is ours, gentlemen."[1]


Commodore Norrington compliments both the sword and its maker, Will Turner.

Commodore Norrington continued using his sword, notably during Jack Sparrow's escape from the gallows with the help of Will Turner. When Elizabeth Swann stands by Will in protecting Sparrow, Norrington knew his rival in love had beaten him. He accepted defeat nobly, telling Will, "This is a beautiful sword. I would expect the man who made it to show the same care and devotion in every aspect of his life."[6] With Sparrow's escape, Norrington continued holding the sword as he gave the pirate one day's head start.[1]

Cutler Beckett's office[]

"Including the previous owner of this sword, I believe."
Cutler Beckett to Weatherby Swann while holding Norrington's sword.[src]

Cutler Beckett holding the sword in his office.

Less than one year after the death of Barbossa and the subsequent escape of Jack Sparrow, Norrington did not remain with the British Royal Navy for long, and didn't keep his ceremonial sword. Norrington was decommissioned and dishonorably discharged from the British Navy after sailing into a hurricane, losing the HMS Dauntless and nearly all of his crew. The sword eventually became an emblem of Norrington's downfall after the former commodore abandoned his duties in a depression over his lost love.[8]

During the search for the Dead Man's Chest, Norrington's ceremonial sword was used as a decoration in Lord Cutler Beckett's office. Beckett kept the sword and maintained it in its sheath and case. Some time later, a down-on-his-luck Norrington would later come into contact with his old weapon again, as it remained in the office when he arrived with the Letters of Marque in hand and something even better to give Beckett: the still-beating heart of Davy Jones. Norrington was immediately reinstated to the Royal Navy, promoted to admiral of the East India Trading Company, and had his sword returned.[5][4]

War Against Piracy[]

Admiral Norrington[]

"Ah, Admiral."
"You summoned me, Lord Beckett."
"Yes. Something for you there. Your new station deserves an old friend.
Cutler Beckett and James Norrington[src]
Admiral Norrington

Admiral James Norrington with his "old friend".

Immediately after relinquishing the heart of Davy Jones to Lord Cutler Beckett, thereby giving him complete control over the Flying Dutchman in the War Against Piracy, James Norrington was reinstated and promoted to the rank of admiral into service of the East India Trading Company. Following the battle of Singapore, now-Admiral Norrington entered Beckett's cabin aboard the HMS Endeavour, where Governor Swann filled out execution documents and Beckett nodded to a long wooden box which he said was something to better suit Norrington's new station. Norrington opened the box to find the ceremonial sword inside. He lifted his sword, considering what it means. While Beckett said the Brethren Court face extinction, Admiral Norrington looked away from his sword to a distressed Governor Swann.[4]

James And Bootsrap

Norrington points his sword at Bootstrap Bill.

Now a respectable officer once more, and had his ceremonial sword returned to him, Admiral Norrington was given the Flying Dutchman to command on behalf of the Company. The admiral carried the sword on his belt as he commanded both EITC soldiers and Davy Jones' crew, instilled military discipline aboard the Dutchman on behalf of Beckett, and when he reunited with now-Captain Elizabeth Swann on board the Empress. Norrington later freed Elizabeth's crew from the brig, and drew his sword when William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner caught them. As Norrington pointed his sword at Bootstrap Bill, trying to make his voice sound soothing and calm as the admiral told the barnacled pirate to stand down, Bootstrap sounded an alarm to the Dutchman crew about the prisoner escape. After using his pistol to fire through the towline, thereby freeing the Empress and ensuring Elizabeth's safety, Norrington was mortally wounded by Bootstrap Bill. In a final act of bravery, with his dying breath, James Norrington made a desperate lunge, running the sword through Davy Jones, then went limp, dead at Jones's feet.[4]

Davy Jones[]

"James Norrington. Do you fear death? I take that as a 'no.' Nice sword."
Davy Jones upon James Norrington's death and examining the sword[src]
Davy Jones Norringtons Sword

Davy Jones admiring the blade.

Bootstrap Bill, now having totally forgotten his human life, sounded an alarm about the prisoner escape aboard the Flying Dutchman, but by the time the Dutchman crew appeared and stared at a mortally-wounded Admiral James Norrington, still holding his ceremonial sword. When Davy Jones asked James Norrington if he feared death, the admiral thrust his sword through the barnacled captain, and then died. With Norrington dead at Davy's feet, Jones calmly used his crab-claw hand to remove the admiral's sword from his body. Davy Jones regarded the sword with genuine appreciation, admiring the blade as his crew mutinied against the East India Company aboard the Dutchman, making their way to the captain's cabin. Holding the sword, Jones walked through the chaos on deck and entered his cabin, only to find a troop of Company soldiers aiming their weapons at the Dead Man's Chest, led by Mercer who had the key, thereby taking control of the Dutchman once more.[4]


Jones drew the sword before fighting Jack Sparrow.

Norrington's formerly-owned ceremonial sword remained in the possession of Davy Jones through the remainder of the war between Lord Cutler Beckett and the Brethren Court. Jones had the sword on his belt during the parley on the sandbar, and later when the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl engage in battle around a maelstrom, from taking the helm to retrieving the key from Mercer. Catching sight of Jack Sparrow with the Dead Man's Chest, Davy Jones drew the sword before the notorious pirate captain escaped to the rigging above, and again after teleporting high up to the yardarm. Jack drew his own sword before Jones and Sparrow began to fight, their swords clashing as they dueled in the rigging of the Dutchman as the storm raged on. Back and forth they parried until finally, in one swift move, Jack reached out with his sword and sliced through one of the tentacles from Jones's beard. With a roar of rage, Jones lunged at Jack with the sword, only for the captains to disarm each other, Jones's sword flying out of his tentacled hand while Jack's blade was snapped off. The sword landed on the deck of the Dutchman, where an EITC soldier stopped to pick up the sword by its blade, examining it. After dropping the Dead Man's Chest, Davy Jones made his way out of the rigging and striding across the deck, where he ran the sword through the soldier before taking it back. Jones then made off for the fallen chest, a murderous gleam in his eye as he moved through the fighting, slashing his sword.[4]

Will Turner Dead

Will Turner having been stabbed with the very sword that he himself forged.

Near the end of the battle on board the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones used his sword to continue his fight with Jack Sparrow, and afterwards Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner. Jack used a piece of the Capstan Hammer against Davy's sword, due to his sword having been broken by Jones' clawed hand, until Jones used his claw to knock Sparrow to the deck. Despite her skill with a jian, Elizabeth was no match for Davy Jones' own skills with the small sword, and she too was knocked down by Jones's claw. Davy Jones wound up to slay Elizabeth with the sword, but he was stopped short by Will's sword running him through from behind. Calling himself a heartless wretch, Jones slashed his own sword at Will before kicking him across the deck, then pointed the sword at Will's neck, but stops as Jack Sparrow threatens Jones's heart in his hand with his shortened sword.[4] And with that, Davy Jones turned back, drew Norrington's sword and stabbed Will Turner—in his chest, straight through the heart—returning the sword to its original maker and sealing both their fates.[8]

Will Turner, lying on deck, looked up as he had ironically been run through by the very sword that he himself forged, while Jack hesitated with his cut-off sword and Jones's heart. As Bootstrap Bill and Davy Jones fight, Jack looked at Will, mortally wounded and staring at the sword sticking out of him, and was forced to decide whether or not to give Turner the chance to save his own life. Ultimately, the heart of Davy Jones was stabbed by Will holding Jack's sword, allowing the Flying Dutchman crew to carve out the lifeless Will's heart as their new captain. The sword was then consumed along with the Dutchman by the maelstrom.[4]

Design and usage[]

"The blade is folded steel. That's gold filigree laid into the handle. If I may. Perfectly balanced. The tang is nearly the full width of the blade."
Will Turner to Weatherby Swann[src]

Norrington with the Sword.

This sword is a small sword: one-handed, straight-bladed, light, and roughly a meter in length. It had a blade that was folded steel, and a gold filigree laid into the handle.[6] Blacksmith apprentice Will Turner crafted the august sword which was presented by Governor Weatherby Swann to James Norrington upon his promotion to commodore.[7] When Elizabeth Swann stood by Will Turner in protecting Jack Sparrow, Norrington parted with the civil warning to his rival in love, "This is a beautiful sword, I would expect the man who made it to show the same care and devotion in every aspect of his life", making it clear he expected Will to treat Elizabeth with the utmost respect. It also showed that, despite the sword widely having been believed to be crafted by his master John Brown, Norrington at least deduced the truth and acknowledged it and Will's talent.[6]

It was a thrusting, hence dueling, sword that would be in prevalent use by Norrington[1] and later by Davy Jones. Ironically, the blade killed the very man who created it, when Jones mortally stabbed Will in the heart near the end of the battle within Calypso's maelstrom.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

"Yes, it's worth tracking the sword from the very start of CotBP all the way through to nearly the final scene in AWE."
Terry Rossio[src]

Norrington aims his ceremonial sword at the heart of Davy Jones in Beckett's office.

  • In Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio's screenplay for Dead Man's Chest, after James Norrington gave Lord Cutler Beckett the Letters of Marque and the heart of Davy Jones, Beckett gave Norrington his sword back and promoted him to the rank of admiral. Norrington lifts it out reverently, overwhelmed, examining it as the symbol of his old life, back in his hands again. He then, with military precision, draws the sword, rests it over his left arm, point aimed at Davy Jones' still-beating heart. But rather than give Norrington the order to kill Davy Jones, Beckett suggests that they can instead add the Flying Dutchman as another ship to the fleet.[12] The scene never made it to the final cut of the film but was retained in the film's comic adaptation as well as the deleted scene "The Map Is Finished" featured in Blu-ray releases beginning in 2011.[13]
"I am in your debt, William. Your faith has borne dividends. A small gesture of thanks—the blade is known to you, yes?"
Lord Cutler Beckett and Will Turner[src] (original screenplay)
  • In Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio's original screenplay draft of At World's End, Lord Cutler Beckett gives Will Turner the sword as thanks for leading the armada to Shipwreck Cove.[14]
  • The sword's journey throughout the trilogy has been noted by screenwriter Terry Rossio on Wordplay, stating that "it's worth tracking the sword from the very start of CotBP all the way through to nearly the final scene in AWE."[15] This journey has led some fans to refer to the weapon as the "Sword of Destiny".[citation needed]
POTC3AWE video game Extras James Norrington Sword

Norrington Sword among other unlockable swords in the At World's End video game.

  • In the PlayStation 2 and PC versions of At World's End video game, the "Norrington Sword" is among the unlockable swords in the "Treasure Cove" bonus features with the unlock requirement being to finish the Isla Cruces level, where Norrington wields the sword as a boss battle. However, in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, Norrington does not wield the sword but a regular cutlass during the during the three-way swordfight on Isla Cruces, and even later when Admiral Norrington meets Elizabeth Swann aboard the Empress.[9]
  • The use of the sword as a plot device, determining the fates of the various characters who own and use it, is similar to the title weapon in the Western Winchester '73 (1950).[citation needed]
  • A toy figure of Davy Jones with Norrington's sword was released by Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd. in July 2021.[16]


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