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James Norrington's cutlass
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James Norrington


James Norrington

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Dead Man's Chest

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Dead Man's Chest

"Sorry, Jack. But I have the key."
"Sorry, William. But I have the chest."
"And I have... a sword.
Will Turner, Jack Sparrow, and James Norrington[src]

This sword was a weapon owned and used by James Norrington. It is unknown when he acquired this sword, but it was known he wielded it several months after his resignation from the British Royal Navy, where he participated in the search for the Dead Man's Chest.


After he failed to capture the infamous pirate Jack Sparrow, and lost his ship and his crew in the pursuit, James Norrington felt disgraced and left the Royal Navy. Though he kept his pistol, he left his ceremonial sword in his office in Port Royal. To replace the weapon which once symbolized his high rank and social status, he found an ordinary cutlass, a weapon fit more for a pirate than a distinguished Navy officer.[1]

Eventually becoming a drunkard on Tortuga, James came to the Twelve Daggers tavern, where he tried to join the crew of the man who cost him his life, Jack Sparrow. However, one unlucky shot from his pistol caused a huge bar brawl, and he had to pull out his sword to fight against several pirates. Though he fought well, Norrington was knocked out by a disguised Elizabeth Swann, who used Norrington's rum bottle to hit him.[1]

Isla Cruces duel 12

Norrington threatens Jack Sparrow with his cutlass.

For the next day or so, Norrington kept the sword on his belt throughout the voyage aboard Jack Sparrow's ship, the Black Pearl, and when he helped Jack and Elizabeth in finding the fabled Dead Man's Chest at Isla Cruces. After the arrival of Will Turner, Norrington took part in the three-way sword fight for the key to the Chest.[1] After Norrington was confronted by members of Davy Jones's crew, he had to leave the sword behind.

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