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"So, am I worthy to serve under Captain Jack Sparrow? Or should I just kill you now?"
James Norrington to Jack Sparrow[src]

This pistol was a weapon favored by James Norrington. It was a single-barreled flintlock pistol that was most notably seen during his time as an officer of the British Royal Navy.


It is unknown when James Norrington obtained this pistol, but he had it on the day of his promotion to commodore. When Jack Sparrow escaped from his men, Norrington and the marines searched for him through the streets of Port Royal. Norrington had the pistol when Jack was finally captured in John Brown's blacksmith shop.

Later, when the cursed crew of the Black Pearl attacked Norrington's ship, the HMS Dauntless, Norrington used the pistol to shoot at Koehler, hitting him in the face. However, the undead pirate wasn't killed, wounded or even slowed by the shot, so Norrington fought against him with his sword.

Some time after the battle of the Isla de Muerta, Norrington resigned his commission and left the Navy. Though he left his old sword in an office in Port Royal, he kept his pistol. Eventually, Norrington became a drunkard on the pirate port of Tortuga. Some time later, when Jack Sparrow was recruiting a crew in the Twelve Daggers tavern, Norrington attempted to shoot Jack, but he was stopped by one of Jack's newly recruited pirates. Norrington's shot broke the bottle of rum in the hands of one of the pirate visitors, which started one of the usual bar fights.

James tire

James fires at the rope that connects the two ships.

Norrington used a twin-barrelled pistol after he was promoted to the rank of Admiral. When James organized the escape of Elizabeth Swann and her pirate crew from the Flying Dutchman, he used this pistol to cut the restraints that were connecting the Empress to the Dutchman. A moment later, he was mortally wounded by Bootstrap Bill. Davy Jones took Norrington's sword for himself, but what happened with Norrington's pistol is unknown.



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