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"I didn't choose death. If anythin', death...chose me!"
―James Sterling[src]

James Sterling was a pirate captain who operated in the Caribbean during the early 18th century. He was one of the most notorious pirates of the Age of Piracy.


Early life

"They say, 'Dead men tell no tales'. But my tale is just beginning."
―James Sterling[src]

James Sterling was raised in London[1] by a poor father. He had dreams of fame and fortune but he was killed on his first voyage through the Caribbean by the insane Spanish Admiral Maldonado[2]. Through the intervention of certain supernatural forces[3], he was brought back to the world of the living and given a second chance to fulfill his fate[4]. After his resurrection, he was washed up on some beach where he found the wreckage of the Nemesis, a legendary pirate ship. He decided to save the craft and turn it into his own ship[5]. Pieces of the Nemesis were scattered all around the Caribbean, and Sterling has spent many months in search of them. He found the figurehead on the island of Opawy Wato, and the steering wheel in the palace of Admiral Maldonado.

Captain James Sterling with his pistol.

Sterling the Pirate

"Get him!"
―Spanish soldiers on James Sterling[src]

Shortly after he began his search, he became a notorious pirate captain. He clashed swords with Royal Marines and Spanish Conquistadores many times. He met Penny Finch, who joined him on the Nemesis as first mate[6]. He also met the notorious pirate captain "Black Bart" Roberts.[7] During his adventures, the Nemesis was attacked by the ship of the line of the Spanish Royal Navy and he stole Spanish captain's gold medallion during the battle. Some of his adventures involved the supernatural, and he met voodoo priestess Tia Dalma[8]. Also, he visited British colonies like Port Royal, Spanish colonies like San Juan, and pirate ports like Tortuga, sailing around the whole Caribbean. When the Nemesis was almost complete, Sterling used her to search for the imprisoned spirit of the sea goddess Calypso.[9] His further fate is unknown.

Captain James Sterling in his cursed form

Personality and traits

James Sterling wore the clothing and effects common to pirates of his time. He usually wore a Spanish silver Piece of eight around his neck. That coin was all that was left of his father's earthly wealth. [10] Like most pirate captains, James Sterling used his own version of the Jolly Roger. His flag was red with the black skull and crossbones[11].

Equipment and skills

Sterling was a skilled swordsman. He usually fought with one sword but sometimes he used two instead. In some fights, he used an anchor to fight his opponents. He also used a blunderbuss-like pistol.He has great strength because he uses an iron anchor

Behind the scenes

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