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"I was outside in the hall while you were talking to Father. I heard it all. I’m glad someone finally stood up to that tyrant! And...and...stood up for poor Mother!"
―Jane Beckett to Cutler Beckett[src]

Jane Beckett was the sister of Cutler Beckett, Bartholomew Beckett and Jonathan Beckett Jr., and the daughter of Jonathan Beckett Sr..


When Cutler Beckett ran away to London because of his huge argument with his father, Jane gave him a small amount of money. She and Cutler wrote to each other several times, and he planned on inviting her to leave their family and live with him once he found a permanent position. However, Cutler was stationed in Nippon, and he could not ask her to make such a journey. Cutler wanted her to move to his new home in Calabar once he was stationed there, but unfortunately, she died from a fever beforehand.


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Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Even though not explicitly stated in any canonical source, the timeline established in the film series sets Jane's death around 1714.
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