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"My name is Jaoquin de Masse. I'm a Maltese knight. A few years ago, I took part in destroying a cult in Italy...",
"And now you've come here to finish the job?"
"Exactly. And, if you don't mind, I'd like to join forces with you. Believe me, I won't be useless.
―Jaoquin de Masse[src]

Jaoquin de Masse was a Maltese knight who served the Catholic Church in the 1630s. He assisted the English captain Nathaniel Hawk in destroying a notorious animist cult that operated in the South Caribbean archipelago.


Prior to 1630, Jaoquin intended to destroy an animist cult which operated in Italy, but failed when its master fled to the Caribbean. Sworn to finish the task, Jaoquin sailed to Oxbay aboard the barque Montanez.

Father Bernard of Redmond, who took charge of the operation, introduced him to captain Nathaniel Hawk. The two joined forces in defeating the animist band in Isla Muelle were together they fought and killed all the members of the order including their master, the Dark Teacher. Subsequently, they were attacked by the animists' flagship the Mefisto, but managed to sink or capture her. This marked the end of the cult, with Jaoquin finally achieving his goal.