"Jerry Bruckheimer has been successful in many genres and multiple mediums because he's a great storyteller, takes and almost always wins. Look for the lightning bolt. The best stories are right behind it."
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Jerome Leon Bruckheimer (born September 21, 1943) is a film and television producer in the genre of action, drama, and science fiction in his production studio Jerry Bruckheimer Films. He produced the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

Bruckheimer produced the war epic Black Hawk Down (2001) which ushered in his collaborations with Orlando Bloom, also in the film was Treva Etienne. Bruckheimer also produces the successful C.S.I. franchise. On the original Las Vegas-based series, Lee Arenberg guested in the first season "Justice is Served" (2001). Martin Klebba appeared in the eighth season "The Chick Chop Flick Shop" (2007), Klebba then went to the second spin-off C.S.I. New York in the seventh season "Uncertainty Rules" (2010).


Bruckheimer was born in Detroit, Michigan to Jewish immigrants from Germany. He attended Mumford High School in Detroit and graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Arizona.


Jerry Bruckheimer with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom

A film buff at an early age with an interest in photography, Bruckheimer would take snapshots when he had the opportunity. After college, Bruckheimer moved to New York City where he worked in the mail room of an advertising agency. Eventually, Bruckheimer segued into commercial producing when he got wind of an opportunity to produce a motion picture. Subsequently, Bruckheimer moved to Los Angeles.

Jerry Bruckheimer later produced all four of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, which made $3 billion worldwide. On June 24, 2013, prior to the release of The Lone Ranger, Jerry Bruckheimer was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The ceremony took place outside the El Capitan Theatre and featured a speech from Johnny Depp.[1]

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