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This article is about the Pirate Lord. You may be looking for the slave trader of the same name.

"I will take his name, my former master's. He stole my life—my name, my identity, my family. Now I will take his. No one shall remember who he was. There will only be one Gentleman Jocard...and it is I."
―Gentleman Jocard[src]

Gombo, better known as Gentleman Jocard, was the Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean, during the time of Lord Cutler Beckett's attempts to eradicate piracy in the Caribbean.[3]

Jocard was wanted dead or alive by the East India Trading Company for crimes including a slave revolt, assuming a false identity, and piracy on the British Isles. The reward was 3,600 guineas.


Early life[]

Jocard's wanted poster.

"What's your name, my good man?"
"Gombo. That is what I have always been called, ever since they brought me here. I remember no other name."
"Gombo. Well then, Gombo...welcome to the crew of the
Black Pearl."
Jack Sparrow and Gombo[src]

Little was known of Jocard's past other than that he was sold into slavery by King Samuel to Gentleman Jocard. He became known as Gombo because he was an excellent chef. One day he lead a slave revolt in Jocard's tobacco plant, killing his master; however he was forced to flee due to the guards. He was intercepted by Captain Jack Sparrow on his way out who offered him a spot on the Black Pearl (as the chef). A few months later he was discovered by the slaves whom he had helped escape who were now pirates requesting that he be their captain. Jocard agreed and sailed off with them.

Pirate Lord[]

"It's Gentleman Jocard now, not Gombo anymore. You must remember that."
―Jocard to Jack Sparrow[src]

For the next few months Jocard sailed about becoming one of the most infamous pirates about, until he got word that Captain Edward Teague was hosting a Pirate Lord. Believing him to be King Samuel, Jocard attacked Libertalia, only to discover the Pirate Lord was Captain Jack Sparrow. Together they attacked King Samuel for they both wanted something from him (Shadow Gold for Captain Jack and Samuel's life for Jocard). The raid on Samuel's fort was a success and Jocard stole Samuel's Piece of Eight from him, becoming Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean.[4]

War Against Piracy[]

Jocard at Shipwreck Cove.

Jocard ran afoul of Davy Jones, and, whether it was by debt, or death by Kraken, he was imprisoned in Davy Jones' Locker. Jocard was soon captured within the Locker by another trapped pirate, Black Bart, who imprisoned him on board his vessel. Jocard lost all hope of being free, until another imprisoned Pirate Lord, Jack Sparrow, tracked Jocard down and dueled Black Bart. Sparrow won the duel, and freed Jocard from his cell. It is unknown how Jocard escaped the Locker, as he was not onboard the Black Pearl when it escaped, and neither did he have the mysterious navigational charts of Sao Feng.[5]

Jocard did escape, though, and he was reunited with his crew. He then traveled to Shipwreck Cove, to join in the fourth meeting of the Brethren Court. At the meeting, Jocard was against Hector Barbossa's idea of releasing Calypso, since he believed that if she was the Court's enemy in the past she would be the Court's enemy when released. He also suggested that the Brethren cut out Barbossa's tongue for suggesting the idea. During the vote for a new Pirate King, Jocard voted for himself, but was defeated by the two votes for Elizabeth Swann, who then declared war on the East India Trading Company.[6]

The East India Trading Company was the first to attack however, and they sent a force of Black Coats against them. Jocard was able to escape the chaos, and made it safely to his ship. He then sailed with the rest of the fleet, to meet the Company's armada in battle. Jocard and his crew became discontented when they saw that they were outnumbered ten to one. After the two fleets parleyed on a sandbar, the battle began. A large maelstrom formed in between the two fleets, and the Black Pearl, and the Flying Dutchman went forward to battle within the huge whirlpool. The Pearl won, and with the destruction of the HMS Endeavour, the rest of the Company's armada dispersed into the distance. Jocard then celebrated the victory with his crew.[6]

Personality and traits[]

"A true pirate still has some honor."

Jocard seemed to be a man who would easily resort to violence. He displayed extremely barbaric behaviour on the high seas, torturing captives and cutting out their tongues at random.[4] He showed some restraint at the fourth Brethren Court meeting, though he became angry with Hector Barbossa when the the latter suggested freeing Calypso, and Jocard even tried to convince other Brethren to cut out Barbossa's tongue for suggesting the idea.[6] Jocard did have a degree of respect for Mistress Ching, trusting her judgement, and sat beside her during the meeting of the Brethren.[4]

Equipment and skills[]

Jocard was a tall man dressed in ceremonial-style robes, with lapels made of python skins. This clothing revealed a vain streak not uncommon among the Pirate Lords. His face was lined with scars, well earned in battle. He had black hair, and a beard that had been braided into four. He had a tall African headdress, two large gold earrings, and necklace which held a miniature version of a bull head. On his fingers were three large gold rings. He wore a brown and yellow embroided robe, over his bare muscular torso; unique among the Pirate Lords, as all of them wrapped themselves in several levels of clothing.[6]

Jocard's Jolly Roger.

Jocard possessed some type of weapon that appeared to be made of bone, as well as a hook. These weapons were also unique to the Court, as most possessed purely Westernized weapons. Jocard's possessed a unique piece of eight, as did all of the Pirate Lords. It was a tobacco clipper that he stole from King Samuel after his assualt on Samuel's fort with Captain Jack Sparrow. It was destroyed during the freeing of Calypso, along with the other eight pieces of eight.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the PS2 version of the At World's End video game Jocard is trapped in a bony cage in a cave filled with lava and undead pirates, not on Black Bart's ship like in the PS3 version of the game.
  • Jocard is probably based on Black Caesar, a historical African ex-slave and member of Blackbeard's crew.
  • Jocard's pirate flag is identical to the second flag of the historical pirate Bartholomew Roberts.


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