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"Good work, Mr. Brown. You've assisted in the capture of a dangerous fugitive."
"Just doing my civic duty, sir.
James Norrington and John Brown on Jack Sparrow[src]

John Brown was the owner of a smithy in the town of Port Royal. He would at some point take in Will Turner as his blacksmith apprentice, where he would make swords. Although Brown was a drunk who seldom does any work, it was his forge and so his name decorated the swords Will made. At one time, Brown took credit for catching the pirate Jack Sparrow, after a lucky blow with an empty bottle.


"Do pass my compliments on to your master."
"I shall. A craftsman is always pleased to hear his work is appreciated.
Weatherby Swann and William Turner[src]

Not much is known about John Brown's life, except that he became a blacksmith. He was most notably Will Turner's master while the young apprentice made swords. Although Brown was a drunk who seldom does any work, it was his forge and so his name decorated the swords Will made.[1] Brown was often drunk, and Will became an expert blacksmith possibly largely due to self-taught lessons. Brown was also apparently oblivious to the fact that Will spent much of his time practicing with the swords he forged, so as to best a pirate in combat should he ever meet one.[2]

Will got his chance when Captain Jack Sparrow escaped from the custody of the British Royal Navy, and sought refuge in Brown's shop. Will engaged him in a duel, though the pirate ultimately pulled his pistol on the boy. By this point, Brown had been roused from his drunken stupor, and knocked Sparrow unconscious with a blow to the back of the head with a bottle in order to save Will's life. He was commended for his action by Commodore Norrington, who had not witnessed Will's fight with Sparrow.[2]

John Brown and Will Turner.

After the incident at Isla de Muerta, Will returned to the smithy, continuing to work for Brown over the following year. During Jack Sparrow's one-man assault on Fort Charles, Brown was found asleep in the smithy when Elizabeth Swann entered to inform Will of Jack's incarceration.[3] Some time later, during the scheduled wedding of Will and Elizabeth, soldiers under Lord Cutler Beckett's command forced entry to the blacksmith's shop during their search for Will.[4] By that time, Brown still owned it, but whether he was present when Will was arrested there or not is unknown.[5]

After the pirate thug Vasquez moved to Port Royal, he demanded payments from Brown and other people for his so-called "protection" (meaning that Vasquez would not kill them if he got the payments). Apparently, Brown refused to pay Vasquez (or couldn't afford it), getting Vasquez to break into Brown's smithy and beat him up. Vasquez was disturbed by Captain Jack Sparrow, (who has returned to Port Royal to search for Tia Dalma) who then dueled Vasquez, won, and left Brown in the smithy.[6]

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