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"You must not trust the one you know as John Stryke!"
Tia Dalma, as a crab[src]

Captain John Stryke was a pirate in business during Captain Jack Sparrow's adventures. He guided the Black Pearl to the Grotto of Despair.


Early lifeEdit

Prior to encountering Jack Sparrow, Stryke had dabbled in dark magic, though through his sorcery he was mutated into a goblin-like creature. A sliver of ruby, which he wore as a talisman, superficially hid his true appearance, but to make it permenant Stryke needed to find the rest of the ruby, and offer a sacrifice. He learned that the ruby was the treasure of the Grotto of Dispair, located in the Sea of Despair. At some point during his search, he became an enemy of Tia Dalma.

Voyage in the Sea of DispairEdit

"Never trust a pirate who always seems to know what he's doing"
Jack Sparrow about John Stryke[src]

Learning that Jack Sparrow was also searching for the treasure of the Grotto of Dispair, Stryke offered to guide him there. When they reached the grotto, Jack suddenly came on deck, warning his crew that Stryke was evil. When asked why he said that, Jack said a crab told him—actually Tia Dalma in crab form. Jack ordered that the ship turn around, but Stryke appealed to the crew, reminding them they were free men, and of the treasure that awaited them. Only Jack stayed aboard the Black Pearl.

Finding the TreasureEdit

"No, you fools! The treasure is mine!"
―John Stryke[src]

Upon finding the treasure, Stryke claimed it for his own, and announced that he needed a sacrifice for the pit. However, at that moment, Jack Sparrow came forward with a drawn sword, surprising Stryke, who was sure Jack would not fall for such a obvious trap. During the duel that followed, Jack snagged Stryke's talisman, revealing Stryke's true form. Jack then kicked Stryke, causing him to drop the ruby into the pit, and fall into the open chest. Jack then locked the chest and left Stryke there forever. Although unpleased that he lost such a magnificent ruby, Jack was happy with keeping Stryke's ruby sliver.

Traits Edit

"Captain Stryke sure knows what he's doing!"
Joshamee Gibbs[src]

Stryke as a charismatic leader, who could encourage people under him. Upon finding the treasure, he acted almost insane.


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