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"While Disney will have its own 'Official Movie Website' with its own content, we are the only group they're allowing to use the 'Official Fan Site' title."
―KTTC Administration[src]

KeepToTheCode.com, otherwise referred to as Keep to the Code or abbreviated as KTTC, was an unofficial website created in 2005 as the premier fansite for Pirates of the Caribbean, including the original attraction and the film franchise. It was founded by a "tough crew of scallywags" and was one of the oldest fan websites that strived to be the central destination for all things Pirates of the Caribbean. With help from the Walt Disney Company, the website became the "biggest and best location" for all fans of the Pirates franchise to come for information and camaraderie. Visitors to KeepToTheCode.com started signing up for the mailing list beginning February 17, 2005, with the site having officially launched on March 18. Announced as "the official fan site of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Movies", KTTC included information and content spanning the Pirates film franchise,[7] though they were not owned, endorsed by or employed by the Walt Disney Company in any way.[8]

KeepToTheCode Website Logo
Logos used for the fan site.

The site included news, reviews, interviews, multimedia, and an interactive internet forum and message boards. "We want KeepToTheCode.com to be the one-stop shop for all things Pirates of the Caribbean," said Bruce Cain, a co-director of DizHub.com. "We've established relationships with several outside sources, so we have a few incredibly fun tricks up our sleeve that we think site visitors will really enjoy - contests, Pirates prize giveaways, and a lot more. It will be time well spent for any Pirates fan."[7]

By March 11,[8] KTTC Administration launched the internet forum and message boards, primarily moderated by a team of volunteers. The original owners and operators included Terry/Captain Van der Decken, Bruce/Doctor Bacchus, Ryan/Captain LeQuatte, and Lady Killigrew.[1][2][3][4] Other users who maintained the website included usernames Captain Andros, Nervy Nan, and daisylovesDK.[5] The forums covered a diverse range of fandom interests, from the original Disney attraction to the films, video games, Disney Parks, as well as other fan activities. Keep to the Code had attracted a number of Pirates VIPs—screenwriters, actors, and authors—to post on the message boards. This interaction between the fans and the creators of Pirates was a popular component of the site.

Around July 2011, the Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki became affiliated with Keep to the Code. The Wiki uploaded an image, originally created by Captain LeQuatte and approved for use by all the administrators, which was used as a link to the fansite.[9] Despite the community being fairly active, KeepToTheCode.com suffered a series of technical difficulties and was closed down around 2020.[citation needed]

VIPs who have posted at the Forums[]

Several individuals closely associated with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise had user accounts and posted within the KeepToTheCode forums and message boards. Among them were:


  • Screenwriter Terry Rossio mentioned Keep To The Code at least twice on his website Wordplay, specifically in his "Tales from the Set" blog entries which chronicles details from the set of the Pirates films as well as providing behind the scenes or personal information or experiences.
    • "Walking the Plank" Rossio "checks out" the fan website, and found an interesting discussion about Jack's character, "what kind of man is Jack, is he essentially good at heart or not?"[10]
    • "We Sail With the Tide" detailed Rossio taking the time to enter a response to the message boards, in which he had to point out that the screenwriters are not uniquely responsible for the Jack Sparrow character; interpretation and performance are in the realm of Depp and the director, and sometimes content as well. As important as the screenplay is, you can't control a film at the script level.[11]
  • Some of the posts made confirmed, or at least further established details that had become part of the franchise. Such information included, but are not limited to:

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