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Captain Teague, the Keeper of the Code

"I call on Cap'n Teague, Keeper of the Code."
Hector Barbossa[src]

Keeper of the Code was the title given to a specially appointed member of the Brethren Court. It was the responsibility of the Keeper to ensure the Pirata Codex was followed to the letter by the Pirate Lords.


As of the fourth meeting of the Brethren Court, Captain Edward Teague was the Keeper of the Code, and was not above killing anyone who dared suggest the Court should overlook the Code—as he demonstrated by shooting Askay for asking the pirates to "hang the Code". The keys to the Pirata Codex were kept by the Prison Dog in Shipwreck City, and the Code itself was carried to meetings by two wizened aides.[1] The Keeper was a feared position, as when Captain Jack Sparrow, Keeper Teague's son, inquired as to whether the Pirate Lords would be keeping to the code or not, the fear of suffering the Keeper's wrath made the Lords obedient to the Code.

When one does become keeper of the Code, he or she is ineligible to be voted or have a vote in who is to become the Pirate King.



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