Fight on Isla de Muerta 17
"It's not a bad look, really. Eh?"
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"It could be a trick. Like a Trojan horse—anything could be inside. Approach with caution—do not get close to be boarded! Just shoot at the ship from afar! Nothing to worry about, my European friends. Foolish pirates often try to prove their strength by attacking King Samuel. And then they prove their mortality—by dying."
―King Samuel[src]

King Samuel was a Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean who engaged in slave trading. He had a pirate fort near Libertalia, where he was despised for his conduct in the slave market.


At some point in his life, Samuel sold Jocard into slavery. Later on in his life Jocard attacked Samuel's fort with Captain Jack Sparrow during Captain Sparrow's quest for the Shadow Gold. A battle ensued and resulted in Jocard and his crew overpowering King Samuel. Jocard relieved Samuel of his Piece of Eight and Captain Jack relieved him of his vial of Shadow Gold. Samuel was killed by Gentleman Jocard who had attacked his fort to stop Samuel from selling anyone else into slavery.

Equipment and traitsEdit

King Samuel was known to possess at least one dagger and one pistol, both of which he used to subdue hostages.

King Samuel was vain, often telling tales of his masculine deeds. He was also known to refer to himself in the third-person at all times.

King Samuel enjoyed exotic animals such as zebras, giraffes and gorillas. He captured a few to roam his palace.


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