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"She's a beautiful ship."
"You have good eye for ships, Jack-boy. Many ships I have had since I went 'on the account', as you English put it, and all were beautiful...and all named
Koldunya. Do you know what kind of ship she is?"
"Of course! She's a Jamaica sloop. Five gun ports to a side, shallow draft, fore and aft rigged, with raked masts.
Jack Sparrow and Boris Palachnik[src]

The Koldunya was a flagship of Boris "Borya" Palachnik, the Russian Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea. A sloop, she was one of the fastest pirate ships of her time. Her name translates to "Witch" in Russian.


"Didn’t see the bow chaser clear enough to be sure. But that sloop is a dead ringer for the one what sunk me ship Cobra—and killed me little Polly. What son of Hades owns that hellbegotten ship?"
"That’s Koldunya. It belongs to Borya Palachnik. The Pirate Lord.
Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow[src]

It is unknown when or where Borya obtained the Koldunya. He favored sloops because he liked vessels that didn’t draw much, and could sail rings around bigger ships.

One day, when the Koldunya was sailing in the waters north of Bermuda, she encountered the Cobra, the schooner captained by Borya's old friend Hector Barbossa. Seeing how heavily laden with booty the Cobra was, Borya ordered his men to attack her. The battle resulted in the destruction of Barbossa's ship and the near wipe-out of his crew.

When Borya was found to be guilty of breaking the Pirate Code he escaped in the Koldunya. Five years later, when Jack Sparrow was searching for La Vipère, he encountered the Koldunya in the waters of the Bahamas and they were forced to battle. Jack's ship, the Wicked Wench, led them into an area where Jack managed to get the Koldunya to run aground, but shortly after that the Wicked Wench ran aground a short distance away. After exchanging cannon fire, the Koldunya managed to get back into the water and was planning to attack from the stern. But the Wicked Wench was carrying a magic Kermalayan who was able to destroy the Koldunya.



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